Emergency Preparedness – Getting Home

Often during an emergency one or more members of your household will be away from home. These personal, natural and man-made disasters never happen at an ideal time. Truthfully, there is never an ideal time for an emergency. Being away from the comfort, safety and security your home provides, only adds to the stress of the emergency. Having a plan to get back to your loved ones is imperative. Realistically assess the emergency, evaluate the current and ever changing conditions. Planning and practicing your get home strategy prior to an emergency will increase the likelihood of a successful family reunion.

Students will learn:

  • “Survive and Win Mindset”
  • Key Action Steps needed to return safely home
  • Alternative meeting locations away from home
  • Communication without a cell phone
  • Map Reading and Basic Orientation (this is not a land navigation or compass class)
  • Transportation, your car or public transit may not be available
  • Shelter, Food and Water
  • Personal Safety Considerations.
  • Hands on demonstration of building a Get Home Bag

Students are encouraged to bring their own Get Home Bags to class.

Additional Information:

  • The minimum class registration size is 4 people. Our class will not exceed 10 people to ensure effective learning and participation.
  • Class attendees are required to be a 12 years of age or older. 12 – 17 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years of age or older.
  • There is no prerequisite for this course.
  • *** Students are prohibited from bringing loaded firearms to this course. *** All weapons brought into the class must be disclosed to the instructor prior to the start of class to ensure the weapon is rendered safe.
Students will receive the:

  • Getting Home student handbook
  • A course completion certificate
  • Special Pricing on course demonstrated items





Students must bring:

  • An Open Mind
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Pen
  • Paper / Notebook
  • Highlighter (useful but not required.)
  • We request attendees wear comfortable weather appropriate attire. We train in the rain. Distracting, Unclean or Offensive clothing may result in refusal of admittance into the seminar and forfeiture of the entire tuition fee paid.

Course Fee: $35.00
Deposit: $20.00
Duration: 3 Hours