Preparedness is not about the latest books or reality TV shows and it is not about the celebrity endorsed gadgets. Preparedness starts and ends with YOU, Your Mindset, Your skills Your abilities, Your willingness to survive! All of the books, TV shows and gadgets in the world will not SAVE YOUR LIFEThat little thing between your ears when properly trained and motivated will give you a fighting chance.

The books, reality TV shows, and gadgets will provide an opportunity for you to train your brain.  But, mean nothing without getting out into the real world and practicing and developing your skills.

So why do I need Preparedness Consulting Group?  Preparedness Consulting Group provides the opportunity where we assess, analyze and then offer best practice recommendations based on your unique situation, abilities, and desire to improve your survivability.  Our recommendations are tailored to you.  Your survival should not be trusted to a cookie cutter operation

Preparedness Consulting Group specializes in Victim Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Planning for individuals, families, groups and small to medium sized business.

Preparedness Consulting Group cannot promise you will never become a victim of a crime or involved in an emergency.  Actually, we can almost guarantee you will be.  We do promise you will be better prepared once we conduct an assessment and if you adopt our best practices and recommendations.

Thank you for reading.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Remember, “Emergencies don’t wait for you to be prepared, they happen when you least expect them.” PCG