Crime PreventionCrime Prevention:​

Preparedness Consulting Group, LLC draws on over 55 years of combined law enforcement experience.​ PCG is comprised of currently certified and retired law enforcement professionals. During our years of experience we have witnessed firsthand the worst humans can do to one another. We have also seen the best in humanity. It is our sincerer intention to reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime. Learn More>>

Tornado_236x178_2Emergency Preparedness:

Preparedness Consulting Group, LLC understands that emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. Emergencies can be personal, natural or man-made. Each individual needs to evaluate their needs, tolerance to risk and design a plan that provides a comprehensive strategy. We will assist you with an honest assessment of your preparedness strengths and weaknesses create a customized preparedness plan unique to your situation. Learn More>>

education_236x178_2Education & Training:

Preparedness Consulting Group, LLC provides education and training opportunities to our clients to empower, inform and enable their confidence while learning crime reduction strategies or emergency preparedness planning. PCG trainers are NRA certified instructors and have extensive certifications through the Federal Emergency Management Administration.  Learn More>>